Una democracia feminista para Venezuela

Es más, toda política pública, apoyo humanitario, esfuerzos de inversión y/o reformas de Estado debe contar con una perspectiva feminista transversal cuyo objetivo sea fortalecer a la sociedad.

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Venezuela’s Government Resumes Talks with Opposition

Last Saturday, the Venezuelan government and opposition agreed to establish a USD $3 billion fund to address poverty, food shortages, and sanitary problems in the South American nation. The fund—derived from frozen Venezuelan assets—will be under direct U.N. supervision.

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Pink Tide 2.0? The Same Trap Awaits

The label “pink tide” was already misleading 20 years ago. Today, with even more pronounced distinctions between the left-wing presidents and diverse foreign policy orientations—including some critical views of Cuba—such a generalization has become even more outdated and is by far too inaccurate to categorize a political trend.

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