An Agreement Between Question Marks- The Process Toward Peace & Security in Colombia

It remains to be seen whether this new compromise [between the Colombian government and the FARC] will serve to widen the consensus surrounding the peace process and clear the route toward the dissolution of the insurgency or, rather, open the door to a new phase of political polarization and keep Colombia trapped on shaky ground created by the failure to keep the promise to end the armed conflict.

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Peace process in Colombia: beyond the final ceasefire

Through a series of deft maneuvers, President Santos has helped ensure the acceptance and implementation of the peace accord, while still upholding Colombia’s constitution and respecting the will of its people. It’s driving the opposition nuts.

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Colombia’s Hope for Peace

The peace deal with the FARC is not an automatic remedy for the consequences and collateral damage of Colombia’s violent past, but failure to approve it in the popular referendum would be disastrous to the country.

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