As the Petro Administration Stumbles, the Far-Right Prepares

Colombian President Gustavo Petro will likely pave the way for a far-right administration in the same way that Iván Duque paved the way for Petro’s own rise to power. He does not seem to know it yet, and Petro does not seem to be acting like a far-right candidacy is realistic right now. Petro ought to understand that both the short- and long-term future of Colombia’s left wing depends on his success.

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Strengthening U.S.-Caribbean relations through the Caribbean diaspora

The U.S.-based Caribbean diaspora, as diverse as the region itself, constitutes a mosaic of communities. Coordinating, listening, and working with the Caribbean diaspora will provide U.S. policymakers with pathways to internalize the complexities of the region at large as well as the dynamics within specific Caribbean nations.

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