Historic wave of protests washes across Cuba

This past Sunday, the largest popular protests in decades erupted in Cuba, with thousands of demonstrators across the island taking to the streets to decry acute shortages of basic necessities (including food and medicine), rolling blackouts, and suffocating restrictions on political freedoms that persist over six decades after the Cuban Revolution.

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Cuba’s sagging economy, regime change, and U.S. policy

Cuba has entered the 2020s much in the same fashion as it did in the 1990s; the world is a more uncertain place, its main economic backer is riven by a major economic collapse, and its relations with its northern neighbor are tense. But there are differences.

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A Cuban lifeline to CARICOM

In looking for pragmatic solutions to address the COVID-19 crisis, and given the absence of global leadership during the pandemic, Caribbean governments are seeking support from long-time partner, Cuba.

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