As the Petro Administration Stumbles, the Far-Right Prepares

Colombian President Gustavo Petro will likely pave the way for a far-right administration in the same way that Iván Duque paved the way for Petro’s own rise to power. He does not seem to know it yet, and Petro does not seem to be acting like a far-right candidacy is realistic right now. Petro ought to understand that both the short- and long-term future of Colombia’s left wing depends on his success.

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Colombia is Vulnerable to the Influence of Corrosive Capital

Colombian President Gustavo Petro introduced a new element of political risk into investment decision-making for institutional investors and other funds. The myriad of social reforms the government seeks to pass… have made Colombia too risky for some investors. However, while traditional investors are put off, other investors—including those with questionable practices in their home countries and with a greater appetite for risk—now see Colombia as a more attractive destination for their capital, as it can bring along high rewards.  

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