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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a virtual Global Americans anniversary event on the evening of January 14th, with a percentage of proceeds directed toward protecting Indigenous rights and the environment in the Andes.

This event will include a live auction, an in-depth conversation between President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador and Univision News Anchor Patricia Janiot, and much more.


Hemisphere Weekly: the Biden transition begins

As the United States presidential transition begins, President-elect Joe Biden has made public his initial selections for his national security team. The ...

Butterflies still soar in the Latin American feminist movement

As this November 25 passes, the loss of the Mirabal sisters holds a prominent weight that has stood the test of time. These lost sisters, and their iconic ...

AMLO’s threat to Latin American democracy

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has defended his silence following the U.S. presidential election based on non-intervention, but his ...

Peru’s Multidimensional Challenge – Part 3: engagement with China

As Peru wrestles with political turmoil and seeks to recover from the economic and financial effects of the pandemic, China appears well-poised to ...

La Sputnik V: un pinchazo de desinformación

Un estudio sobre la propagación de desinformación en Venezuela después del anuncio ruso de una nueva vacuna en agosto de 2020, la Sputnik V.

Peru’s Multidimensional Challenge – Part 2: the economic crisis, public insecurity, and organized crime

Peru's security challenges vary from expanding coca production, illegal mining and timber activities, to a small but persistent terrorist threat, an ...


Monitoring Russian and Chinese Misinformation in Latin America

Global Americans monitors four state news sources that have quickly gained influence in the region—Russia Today and Sputnik from Russia, and Xinhua and People’s Daily from China— to understand how they portray events for readers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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The Caribbean Corner

Our Research

Caribbean: 2030 Trends

The Caribbean basin is one the most regionally, culturally and linguistically diverse regions of the world. While the broader Caribbean basin includes island nations and territories as well as countries on the mainland, including Mexico and parts of Central and South America, this study focuses primarily on the sovereign island nations of the Caribbean, as well as the members of the Caribbean Community.


Central America: 2030 Trends

The countries of Central America—Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama—face many of the same challenges. The most obvious and publicly discussed of these challenges is crime and insecurity, stemming both from the subregion’s unfortunate geographic location between cocaine producing countries to its south and cocaine consuming countries to the north—primarily the United States—and domestic gang violence and corruption.


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The Global Americans is a modern day take on the traditional think tank. Through its website, Global Americans provides up-to-date research and analysis on key areas and issues affecting Latin America and the Caribbean. Its aim is to provide policymakers, academics and Latin America enthusiasts with the tools they need to promote change towards a more prosperous relationship between Latin America and the United States.