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Global Americans Welcomes Guy Mentel as new Executive Director

After a four-month intensive search, Global Americans is thrilled to announce the selection of Guy Mentel as its new Executive Director. Mr. Mentel follows Global Americans’ Founder and longtime Executive Director Chris Sabatini, who recently joined Chatham House as a Senior Fellow for Latin America.

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Guyana’s incumbent APNU+AFC coalition puts its future at risk

The APNU+AFC coalition’s refusal to concede defeat has decreased trust in the coalition, putting its domestic and international future at risk.

COVID-19, the Caribbean and what comes next

From positive forecasts to shrinking economies, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic effect on the Caribbean. How will the region recover?
Trump, Venezuela

What John Bolton’s memoir tells us about Trump and Venezuela

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton's memoir confirms the worst suspicions about President Trump's policy on Venezuela.

The State of LGBT+ Rights in the Americas

Global Americans hosts a panel on LGBT+ rights in the Americas to discuss legal advancements, how the community is affected by COVID-19 and what more needs ...

Post COVID-19: A call for the right to the Latin American city

Latin America has the unique opportunity to use the COVID-19 pandemic to reshape its cities into more equitable communities. How they do this will be ...

Paraguay’s strengthening case for state reform

The pandemic has turned the government into a crucial actor of economic recovery, in reckoning with its post-pandemic outlook, Paraguay is building a case ...


Lies & Distortions: Monitoring Russian and Chinese Misinformation in Latin America

Global Americans monitors four state news sources that have quickly gained influence in the region—Russia Today and Sputnik from Russia, and Xinhua and People’s Daily from China— to understand how they portray events for readers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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The Caribbean Corner

Our Research

Caribbean: 2030 Trends

The Caribbean basin is one the most regionally, culturally and linguistically diverse regions of the world. While the broader Caribbean basin includes island nations and territories as well as countries on the mainland, including Mexico and parts of Central and South America, this study focuses primarily on the sovereign island nations of the Caribbean, as well as the members of the Caribbean Community.


Central America: 2030 Trends

The countries of Central America—Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama—face many of the same challenges. The most obvious and publicly discussed of these challenges is crime and insecurity, stemming both from the subregion’s unfortunate geographic location between cocaine producing countries to its south and cocaine consuming countries to the north—primarily the United States—and domestic gang violence and corruption.


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The Global Americans is a modern day take on the traditional think tank. Through its website, Global Americans provides up-to-date research and analysis on key areas and issues affecting Latin America and the Caribbean. Its aim is to provide policymakers, academics and Latin America enthusiasts with the tools they need to promote change towards a more prosperous relationship between Latin America and the United States.